Public Source Code Access & Nightly Builds

by Jan Blomquist 24. March 2009 10:58

Can you close your eyes and reel off the 12 points to better code. Do you have the Joel's test fresh in mind? The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code is extremly important for all software developers. In this blog we will cover the three first rules and how we have solved this in Gaiaware.

  1. Do you use source control?
  2. Can you make a build in one step?
  3. Do you make daily builds?

Do you use source control?

We couldn't imagine a life without source control. In fact several studies show that firms without a good source control system cannot survive (ref; ). For all software development at Gaiaware we are currently using Subversion.

Because we also truly believe in open development of our library we have decided to publish the SVN repositories for public access. That means you can just add Gaia Ajax source directly to your solution (via externals ) and benefit from the rapid development of Gaia Ajax

Here's the urls for the repositories of Gaia Ajax

Tagged versions of Gaia Ajax (Released and archived)
Note! Use anonymous as username when asked for credentials

Can you make a build in one step?

Yes we can. We've built a customized build system that suits Gaia Ajax just perfectly. It's written in Ruby and uses Rake and COM interop to work with Visual Studio.NET. With Ruby's duck typing it's easy to read project properties, project items and different configuration settings. The build itself is also done with VS.NET using Ruby.

Do you make daily builds?

We've been making daily/nightly builds of Gaia Ajax for quite some time now and now we've finally decided to make them public.

The opening of the source and publishing of nightly builds allow you to post a bug/issue and have it fixed that very same day. Then you will have access to the bits within the next working day (even sooner if required). It should also be easy to pickup new bits that fit the requirements of your development. We will still post release dates for official relases which you can align with your project.

Nightly builds of the commerical package is available for commercialusers. If you have an active subscription just click on the nightlybuilds link to access the nightly builds.

Update 2009-06-29: You can test our nightly build samples here


Don't cheat when it comes to Joel's 12 steps to better code. Stability and base quality is key. What good does a piece of code do if it simply doesn't work. Source control and automated builds are just some the absolute requirements to achieve higher code quality. The importance of this was also pointed out in this blog post ->  ( Principles of UI architecture for libraries )

Enjoy the builds!  


3/26/2009 8:21:06 PM #

By mistake I forgot to specify the username.

Just use anonymous when asked for credentials (No password)

I've updated the blog to reflect this.

Jan Blomquist

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Public Source Code Access and Nightly Builds


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