Gaia Ajax 3.5 Released!

by Stian Solberg 4. March 2009 13:53
"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
-George Bernard Shaw

Highlights of Gaia Ajax 3.5

Doubled Speed
Massive performance gains - up to 50% - in Ajax callbacks.

Zero ViewState
We've improved our internal ViewState logic.
For you: even less data sent, even faster applications!

20+ New Features And Enhancements
Built-in Default Skin, Multi File Upload, Better AspectKey, Improved Hybrid Control Collection ++ See list of new features and enhancements

60+ Bug Fixes
Thanks to feedback from our community and customers, over 60 bugs are fixed. Gaia is now even more stable! Complete change log 


Even More Stuff!

Improved Pricing

Take a look at our order page to see the new prices.

Take a quick survey - win a subscription license!

To constantly improve the quality of our deliverance we are conducting a quick survey. It takes two minutes, and all participating will have a chance to win a one year subscription of Gaia Ajax (value: $595) 
Take the survey here

Case Study: Logica

Logica is a leading IT and business services company, employing 40,000 people.
Read how they succeeded with Gaia 

Yes,one last thing: everyone can download the trial version. Go to

As always, we love feedback. Use the comments or our the forum.

Best regards,

The Gaiaware Team.


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Gaia Ajax 3.5 Released!

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