Gaia Ajax 3.5 "Themis" Release Candidate

by Jan Blomquist 12. January 2009 14:10

At last! A release candidate of Gaia Ajax 3.5. After a nice and relaxing christmas we're back on track with the development of the first class Ajax library for ASP.NET. Release includes installer, design time experience, samples, source code and of course the binaries.


It is considered a release and you should be able to use it as so, but we make certain reservations for small things we didn't cover during the final development phase and therefore label it release candidate to give ourselves an excuse to once more fix last minute bugs.


Gaia Ajax 3.5 comes in 3 packages
  • Trial version -> Install a 30 days fully featured trial of Gaia Ajax. Runs locally and on servers.
  • Commerical version -> Purchase the full commercial package for as low as $195 pr/developer. High value at great price!
  • GPL version -> If you develop open source GPL software you can use the GPL version of Gaia Ajax. 

We've made substantial quality improvements to the library in this version. Priority has been given on fixing bugs rather than introducing new features. The bits are fully backwards compatible and the only upgrading issue we've received was related to using Themes instead of StylesheetTheme. When you use Theme the properties from the skin is not overridable. When you use StylesheetTheme, your properties are overriding the default ones. It's highly recommended that all existing customers upgrade from Gaia Ajax 3.0 to Gaia Ajax 3.5. 

Read the full changelog of the Gaia Ajax 3.5 RC1 relase in this blog entry.

A note to subscription customers
Subscription customers will get access to a full version setup, which also includes the source code and binaries with no restrictions. From the 3.5 release you as a paying customer don't need to struggle with license files anymore. The Gaia dll's will run unrestricted both on your development computer and in production. Less job for you as a customer! (That's our first concern every morning; where can we make the Gaia experience even easier?)


Based on extensive feedback from our customers we've made some updates to offer Gaia Ajax at more competitive pricing levels. This means you can purchase the 3.5 version for only $195. If you want a 1 year subscription it will be priced at $595. Cheaper, Faster, Better Smile 

Do you have question about your purchase, please send a support request.

Order Gaia Ajax 3.5 here


Get the trial after a quick registration

We in Gaiaware are very proud of this release, and hope you will enjoy it!
Do you have questions or find anything to improve, please don't hesitate to post it in our forum.

Best regards
The Gaiaware Team


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Gaia Ajax 3.5 "Themis" Release Candidate


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