Gaia Ajax 4.0 is in the nightly!

by Stian Solberg 18. June 2013 11:03

Gaia Ajax 4.0We have been spending a lot of time the last months wrapping up what will be the upcoming 4.0-release.

It is easy to grab the latest bits:

To get a summary of what has changed, take a look at front page of nightly samples.

We'd love to get your feedback, please use the forum.

Kind regards
The Gaiaware team



Gaiaware is a Microsoft Silver Partner

by Stian Solberg 14. August 2012 12:05

We're happy to announce that Microsoft have granted us the status as a Silver Independent Software Vendor (ISV). For us, this is a nice reflection of our ongoing efforts of building a high quality software tool like Gaia Ajax. The proven result for our customers is increased productivity and quality when building complex web applications on the Microsoft stack. The partnership is based on positive feedback from customers with successful web applications developed using Gaia Ajax.

We're delayed - 3.7 will come!

by Stian Solberg 1. July 2010 11:25

Waiting for Gaia Ajax 3.7? So do we!

Waiting for Gaia Ajax 3.7?

We decided to go some major rewritings which we should have done a long time ago; now we're doing it. Especially the extensions controls will have a better architecture. Additionally we're doing this to improve the Visual Studio 2010 experience, as it is related to the actual code in each control.

Regarding the nightly build server, we expect this to be up in a couple of weeks. We took it down because of the major changes in the core library.

We'd like to say we are very sorry for the broken promises, but we want to deliver solid software to our users; it costs quite an amount of hour for us to make you save even more development hours.

Best regards
The Gaiaware team: Sergey, Jan, Stian, Kariem and Espen

Update: The 3.7 BETA is finally here!


LinkedIn .NET User Group Online Presentation Tomorrow

by Stian Solberg 9. March 2010 22:54

We will hold an online, free presentation showing what you can do with Gaia Ajax when building next generation web applications in a fast, lightfoot and intelligent way. Jan Blomquist will demonstrate the power of our latest 3.6 version and why abstracting away JavaScript and developing in a managed language is crucial for time-to-market.

5 winners will be chosen at random from the list of attendees. Each of them will win an annual subscription of Gaia Ajax (worth $595).

Wednesday March 10, 2010, 11:00AM (PST)
Get local time

LIDNUG event info

Direct link to Live Meeting




Gaia Ajax 3.6 Beta now available!

by Stian Solberg 21. October 2009 16:00

We're moving fast towards a final release. Current code is more and more stable, but we'd like the final release to be top quality and that's why we are releasing a beta.

Work done between Alpha and Beta:

Links and downloads

Get Free Download Gaia Ajax 3.6 Beta
Includes Visual Studio Integration and 100++ Samples

Changelog-Gaia-Ajax-3-6-Beta.pdf (106.52 kb)
Click here for Tar.gz binaries + source - for open source projects
Click here
if you are a subscription customer (requires login)


Comments and feedback are very welcome at our forum. Enjoy the new bits!

Kind regards
The Gaiaware Team

Gaia Ajax training - two new courses in Oslo, Norway (Early Bird Extended to 20th of September)

by Stian Solberg 3. September 2009 09:00

Gaia Ajax is a powerful web platform for both complex enterprise applications and fast-up-and-running web sites. In many ways Gaia Ajax completes what many developers are missing on the ASP.NET platform both in regards to how easy it should be to create a rich and responsive web experience, but also how to unleash the highest productivity in your daily development. Our customers say they increase their productivity by 30-60% when developing with Gaia compared to other approaches towards web development.

We're happy to announce two brand new courses this year. Based on the feedback we have received, we have split the courses into two different levels: Introduction to Gaia Ajax and Advanced Ajax development with Gaia Ajax. Each course goes over two days.

28-29th of September

Introduction to Gaia Ajax

  • Important ASP.NET semantics
  • Get to know the Gaia Server Controls
  • Introduction to the brand new Gaia Ajax GridView (new in 3.6!)
  • Unleash your productivity with Aspects in Gaia
  • Effect library
  • Skinning Gaia
  • Data management with Gaia
  • Debugging, error handling and security with Gaia 

5-6th of October

Advanced Ajax development with Gaia Ajax


  • What's new in Gaia Ajax 3.6?
  • Become a Gaia GridView pro! (New in 3.6)
  • Introduction to Dynamic Inserts (New in 3.6)
  • Advanced Aspects and Effects development
  • Build your own extension controls
  • Build your own aspects
  • Advanced web application architecture - best practices with Gaia and ASP.NET 



Registration: Use our contact form with number of participants and which course you'd like to attend.

Instructor: Jan Blomquist (MVP)

Target Audience: .NET Developers

Max Participants: 12

Language: English

Price: EUR 1100*
Incl.lunch. excl.hotel
* Excluding 25% VAT for Norwegian participants

Early Bird Extended
Save EUR 100 when reserving your seat before 20th of September 10th of September

Summer Offer and what's coming in Gaia Ajax 3.6?

by Stian Solberg 23. July 2009 13:21

In good Gaiaware tradition we're spreading a refreshing summer breeze:

One Developer License of Gaia Ajax 3.5 "Themis" + One Developer License on the upcoming 3.6 (read more below on what's coming) for as little as $145. It also includes 2 x 1 month of support, 1 month of email support from purchase date on 3.5, as well as 1 month of support on 3.6 from release date.

Buy Now - Save 63% Today!
Expires 31st of July

What's coming in Gaia Ajax 3.6?

We have been working on 3.6 for a while already. It will be a great new step in the Gaia experience, making it even easier and more fun to create the next generation web applications. Here's what we're adding:

  • Aspect Binding
    Now you can add behaviours and events declarative to the Gaia controls. Want to set your Gaia Window modal? Just add the property Modal="True" and it is done! Subscribe to events like OnClick, OnDoubleClick, OnBlur, OnFocused, OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut, OnSelect ++ and your ASP.NET web application will never be the same.
  • New Gaia Effect library
    Faster and more effect options to choose from. Enjoy parallel and queued effects.
  • New Gaia History control
    Make friends with the browser navigation in your Ajax app.
  • New skins coming
    Office, IGaia, Portal and Social
  • New and richer GMap control
    We have spent some time on our Google Maps integration. Zoom, catch click events, add InfoWindows and pan to new coordinates. Finally Google Maps is for everyone!
  • New Gaia Ajax ImageMap control
    Just like the ASP.NET ImageMap control.
  • Advanced keyboard mapping
    Add keyboard integration to your web application. Another reason to go from desktop to web...
  • More features and events to Calendar and DateTimePicker
    We have added properties like FirstDayOfWeek and VisibleDate, and events like  OnCalendarDayClicking and OnDayRender
  • Core: Smaller JavaScript footprint
    In the work with revamping the Gaia Effects, we have moved out of the core.
Want to test early? Take a look at the code? Get the source code, test a nightly build
Have a nice summer!
Best regards
The Gaiaware Team


How To Create An Async Ajax Google Search with ASP.NET And Gaia Ajax

by Stian Solberg 26. May 2009 06:30

Recently we decided to add a searching feature for the different sites we run on main site, blogs, forum, tracker, docs and API reference. We wanted to be able to search each site separately and still have all the results presented in a intuitive way. And of course, it should be built using Gaia Ajax, so it could be quickly developed (our customers say they increase the productivity by 30-50% on the ASP.NET platform when using Gaia Ajax) and give a responsive and ajaxified user experience.

Async Search with ASP.NET Ajax

We have purchased a Google Site Search subscription so we don't have to reinvent the wheel again and make our own site spider. The Google Site Search gives us the search results in XML, and we can parse and present them in any way we would like.

The challenge: multiple search sources with ASP.NET

Since we wanted to present the results from each sub site in separate sections, we needed to overcome some limitations of what Google Site Search gives us. E.g. you can return max 20 results per search. Since we wanted to separate the results in each sub domain (e.g. we needed to use the useful "site:" parameter in a Google query. That meant that we needed to fire off 5-6 Google searches for each search we executed on our own page. Our immediate concern was how long time it would take to perform so many Google searches, return them, parse them and present them on our ASP.NET page.


Gaia Ajax training 10-11th June in Norway

by Stian Solberg 12. May 2009 07:30

We're excited to announce the first official Gaia Ajax course. Many have been asking for this and now it's here!

This course will teach you how you can build everything from small web portals to enterprise applications using Gaia Ajax on the ASP.NET platform. We will be spending most of our time in Visual Studio.NET exploring required ASP.NET skills and the essential Gaia knowledge.

Early Bird Offer

Quick Facts

Registration: Via contact form or email us: with number of participants.

Target Audience: .NET Developers
Max Participants: 12
Language: English

Date: June 10-11th at 09.00 - 15.30
Price: EUR 1100 Incl.lunch. excl.hotel

Location: Gaiaware HQ (Klosterøya), Skien – NORWAY
57 km from Torp International Airport
134 km from Oslo
View map

Hotel suggestions:
Thon Hotel Høyers
Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken


  • Quick introduction 
  • Important ASP.NET semantics 
  • Get to know the Gaia Server Controls 
  • Unleash your productivity with Aspects in Gaia 
  • Effect library 
  • Skinning Gaia 
  • Extending Gaia 
  • Data management with Gaia 
  • Debugging, error handling and security with Gaia

At the evening we're planning to do a bit of socializing and exchange experiences with building web applications using Gaia.

Instructor: Jan Blomquist (MVP)

Jan Blomquist (MVP)Jan Blomquist has many years experience in software development and is one of the core architects behind Gaia Ajax. Jan has also been awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) since 2005. Jan Blomquist has trained thousands of people in building software and has often been a presenter at various Microsoft events. Jan has also appeared on DotNetRocks TV (, which is a very popular TV show for .NET developers worldwide.

Includes complete course on DVD

The entire course will be screen-recorded for later viewing. Each student is granted a non-transferable viewer license to the course recordings. The student will receive the videos on a DVD or in a downloadable package either on-site or at a later time.


Gaiaware HQ in summer
Gaiaware HQ in summer

Gaiaware HQ entrance
Gaiaware HQ entrance

Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken - in walking distance
Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken - in walking distance

Vote for Gaia Ajax: asp.netPRO Readers' Choice 2009

by Stian Solberg 23. April 2009 08:48

We're proud to announce Gaia Ajax as one of the nominated in this years asp.netPRO Readers' Choice awards. The competition is hard and many well established software vendors are represented with their products.

The voting expires the 25th of April, so you still have a couple of days to let your voice be heard and give an up-and-coming .NET vendor a helping hand!

Vote for Gaia Ajax for Best Component Set now!